How to Prepare Your House for a Home Inspection

Having a close knowledge of your home’s nooks, crannies, and weak spots is important. Whether you’re preparing for a pre-home inspection as a Seller or expecting a Buyer’s home inspection to be performed, it’s always best to be prepared! Home sellers will have an easier time by preparing for a home inspection and are less likely to encounter any surprises and can take measures to prevent future problems. So grab a broom and get ready to make some improvements.

  1. Clean the House

Simple but always overlooked. A clean home speaks for itself; it shows you take care of the house and always makes a good impression.

  1. Be on Time

Be on time because the inspector will be. Sometimes they tend to arrive early and begin inspecting the exterior of the home, so leave the drapes or shades down till you are dressed and prepared. There’s nothing more awkward than a surprised and unprepared seller being spooked by a stranger walking their lawn.

  1. Leave the Utilities Connected

The inspector will need to run the appliances, furnace and air conditioning as a part of the inspection. This is very important if you’re selling a vacant home – the last thing you need is another appointment to complete the inspection or a fee to pay, that’s just more money down the drain.

  1. Provide Access

To the garage, attic and basement. Inspectors will need to check every little detail of the house, so give them access and make sure you’ve given them space to navigate themselves around; remove boxes, clear access and move any storage that cannot grant them access.

  1. Prepare to be away for Three Hours Minimum, Many inspections can take up to 3 hours to complete. Get the kids, dogs, cats in the car and go for a long drive – like approximately 3 hours long. Go to the movies or grab a meal; try to schedule a time for the inspection when you can be out of the house and feel prepared rather than rushed.