Gorgeous Loft Apartment Design Ideas to Attract Renters

If you’re young and trendy in Toronto, you’re likely to consider renting a loft apartment. Artists, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and first-time parents will all be searching “loft apartment near me”.

Not only are lofts contemporary, but they also offer more in terms of space, location, and services than traditional apartments or townhouses. Because they’re so popular, the owners of a loft property have the luxury of being able to select from a pool of quality tenants.

Hoping to attract renters to your loft? The tips that follow will ensure you tick all the right boxes for appealing loft apartment design.

Balance Industrial Design Details With Comfort

When painting walls or fitting out the kitchen, stick with neutral colors like relaxing blues, forest greens, and soothing greys. Preferred materials include brick, wood, and metals like copper or brass.

Use rugs and lighting to create the illusion of rooms.

Upcycled fixtures and fittings look best in a loft apartment design. Embrace the wear and tear on a wooden butcher block. Value the scratches in the finish of a vintage heating grill. They make a space feel comfortably lived-in.

Be Bold With Lighting Choices in a Loft Apartment

Industrial loft apartment design ideas offer a chance to get creative. Craft a chandelier from a used bicycle wheel. Turn cheese graters into pendant lights. Adorn a side table with a wine bottle lamp.

When offering a furnished apartment for rent, stick with lighting fixed to the wall or ceiling. You’ll reduce breakages.

Create Areas for Work and Play

Room dividers, open-sided bookshelves, and curtains can also be used to add privacy. Hang drapery around a king-sized bed to create a sleeping nook. Section off the living room behind a statement couch.

Be sure to include storage in your loft apartment: free-standing wardrobes, coat racks, and wall-mounted shelves. Opt for items with personality: think antique wooden cupboards and handcrafted cast iron hooks. Shop online for the best deals.

Reduce Noise With Clever Design

Loft apartment design favours an industrial aesthetic but all that steel and concrete are not so great for keeping the noise down.

Soft furnishings absorb sound. Choose fluffy floor rugs, hand-printed textile wall hangings, colourful couch cushions, and softly upholstered dining chairs and bar stools.

Want to keep a space feeling open, but need a quiet area for an office or playroom? Wall off a corner in floor-to-ceiling glass.

No One Wants a Smelly Home

It can be hard to minimize smells in a loft apartment. It’s an area that it’s important to invest in if you’re looking to have long term tenants and protect your apartment from damage.

Whisk away cooking odours from the open kitchen with a good quality extractor fan.

Consider the needs of renters with pets in the floor plan. Include a cat litter box or a dog-washing station in the bathroom. This will keep smells (and messes) away from living areas.

Keep odour-causing mold and moisture at bay. Install an exhaust fan in the bathroom. Vent the steam from the clothes dryer outside. Make sure at least some of the loft apartment windows can open.

Loft Apartments: Where Old and New Combine

Creativity is the key to loft apartment design that will attract renters. Aim for a mix of contemporary and vintage furniture pieces. Add character with locally made accessories and artwork.

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