Style your home like a designer; Know these dos & don’ts

Home decorating is very subjective, but there are a few golden rules you can follow to ensure that “wow, love it” reaction from your guests. These dos and don’ts will be useful to you no matter what your style preference is.

• Do hang mirrors as they make a small space look larger. Hang them near the entryway, above the sofa, or at the end of a hallway. Allow natural light to fall and bounce off them to increase the sense of space.

• Do use oversized pillows and big, one-of-a-kind art pieces to decorate rooms. A large indoor plant will add life and drama to your room.

• Do play with texture and contrasts. Balance hard surfaces with soft elements, shiny surfaces with matte textures and materials, and period furniture within a modern room.

• Don’t ignore the length of your curtains. Make sure your curtains are long enough to just graze the floor.

• Don’t use rugs that are too small for the room. Make sure the rug’s edges extend under the furniture by just a few centimetres.

• Don’t shy away from using dramatic colours, even if your space is small. When bold, rich colours are used in a pass-through area – like a foyer or one living room wall – it accents and brightens the space making it look larger.

Today’s top home design and décor trends are rich woods, browns, oranges, pinks and other saturated colours, polished surfaces, dark kitchen counters and luxurious décor. Whether it’s a detached home or a condo, the last decade saw Canadian designers moving toward more restrained and minimalistic styles. However, this year, there’s a return to the “big, bold, and dramatic.”

“There’s a shift from utilitarian furniture to bold and artistic pieces. The most interesting spaces are those that tell a story about the homeowner with confidence and creativity. Handcrafted and truly one-of-a-kind pieces have an added value which is why I see designing with authenticity, creativity and unique pieces a big trend for 2019,” says Lindsay Agnew, a top home designer.