How to Prepare for the Fall Real Estate Market

Real estate is sold 365 days a year; it’s the new norm!  Fall can be a great time to sell your home. Below are some of the best tips for selling a home during the fall.

Analyze the Market & Price Your Home Right

Analyze the current state of your local real estate market. Understanding the type of market your area is experiencing is important: Is your local market type a sellers’ market, a buyers’ market, or a balanced market. It’s important when it comes to pricing your home accordingly. If you don’t know ask your Real Estate Agent!


Perform Applicable Inspections & Cleanings

If you’re planning on selling your home in the fall, tackle the inspections and cleaning part prior to listing your home for sale.


Decorate & Embrace the Fall

The most exciting part about fall! If you decide to sell your home during the fall, there are many decorating tips, staging tips, and ways to embrace the fall season. Be tactful with your decorating and try to appeal to the masses!


Clean Up the Exterior

The least exciting part about fall…is raking leaves. Don’t neglect the exterior of your home. Tasks that should be completed when selling a home during the fall include:

Raking leaves

Removing loose sticks

Weeding flower beds

Trimming flowers, bushes, and shrubs

Aerating the lawn


Prepare Your Home for Showings

When selling in the fall, ensure your home smells good. Popular ways to make your home smell warm and cozy while selling in the fall include:

Brewing a fresh pot of pumpkin spice coffee

Boiling cinnamon sticks

Burning fall scented candles


Selling a home in the fall is not for everyone, however, these tips can help expedite the sale of your home and maximize the sale price!

Farmers’ Markets To Visit This Summer

Toronto is a wonderful city known for many things including farmers’ markets!

Toronto neighbourhoods offer many farmers’ markets throughout the year for community members to enjoy. Below is a collection of some of Toronto’s best. Head out to discover all that they have to offer and leave the market with a bag full of fresh produce and fun memories!

Annette Farmers’ Market

When: Every Wednesday from May to October, 3pm-7pm
Where: Runnymede Presbyterian Church parking lot
680 Annette Street, Toronto, ON, M6S 1V9

Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers’ Market

When: Every Saturday from June 2 to October 27, 2018, 8am-2pm
Where: Etobicoke Civic Centre
399 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON M9C 2Y2

Humber Bay Shores Farmers’ Market

When: Every Saturday from May 26 to October 6, 2018, 9am-2pm
Where: Humber Bay Park West
2225 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 3X7

Stonegate Famers’ Market

When: Every Tuesday from June to October, 4pm-7pm
Where: Christ Church St. James Anglican Church parking lot
194 Park Lawn Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 3J1

Market Days at Montgomery Inn

When: Every Wednesday, year-round, 2pm-6pm (Indoor during the winter)
Where: Montgomery’s Inn
4709 Dundas St. W, Etobicoke, On M9A 1A8

Weston Farmers’ Market

When: Every Saturday from May 12 to October 27, 2018, 7am-2pm
Where: The GO Parking lot
1865 Weston Rd (South of Lawrence Avenue), York, ON M9N 1V9

Four Places To Take A Day Trip This Year From Toronto

Just like our license plates state, Ontario is “Yours To Discover”!

Scandinave Spa – Collingwood, ON

Spend the day relaxing in the heart of nature! Treat yourself to a massage or spend the day in the Scandinavian baths; either way, you are in for a day of quiet relaxation. Phones and electronics are prohibited during your stay, so be prepared to unplug and enjoy every minute of the tranquil environment situated on 25 acres of natural Ontario birch, Canadian maple and pine trees.

Rattlesnake Point – Milton, ON

Rattlesnake Point is one of the most beautiful places in Ontario: spend the day there in any season and you’ll see what we mean! Home to some of the best cliffs for climbing in Ontario offering a variety of different climbing levels. With three designated sites and more than 235 routes, you will enjoy scaling the cliffs under a canopy of rich woods.

Wine Country – Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON

Enjoy wine country with a tour of one of the many wineries in the area. Offering a wide variety of events, concerts, shops and attractions, wine tasting isn’t the only way to enjoy this Ontario gem!

Wasaga Beach, ON

Enjoy a day at the longest freshwater beach in the world! Wasaga is home to starting points for hiking trails over 50 km long, including the Pine Trail and sections of the Ganaraska Trail. Wasaga offers something for everyone. If you are planning a day trip make sure you stick around to enjoy one of the breathtaking sunsets!

Keep Your Plants Green!

Tip 1: If you don’t have enough time to water your plants or you travel a lot, set your plant in a shady area and remove the buds. This way they need less water.

Tip 2: Use proper soil, or better yet use fully composed yard waste. Supply your plants with the right nutrients, quality soil is key.

Tip 3: Give plants plenty of water – it’s crucial to their survival. It’s like plant 101.

Tip 4: Use a proper pot or container; it’s going to be your plant’s home for the rest of it’s life, talk about pressure. Nothing too big or too small, go with something just right; medium is the word. Your plant will grow the longer you take care of it and the right amount of space is fundamental to it’s growth.

Tip 5: Watch out for bugs! Some insects actually transport viruses from one plant to another.

Tip 6: Deadheading (cutting off the faded bloom) encourages the plant to keep producing more flowers or leaves.

Let Us Help With Your Spring Cleaning

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house, which should be motivation enough to tackle a deep clean during this upcoming spring season. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the stuff you can live without. While it’s true that taking on an entire home can make you feel like an ant about to climb a mountain, breaking it down room by room can ease the burden.

Start by making a checklist of all the essential tasks you need to do for each room in the house. Go through your checklist and check off everything you’ve done so far. It’s such a satisfying feeling when you start checking items off your list and it gives you just the motivation you need to go on. Now, no one said you have to get everything done in one weekend; if you give yourself five tasks per weekend, you can easily complete your list before spring ends. Go at your own pace and make sure you focus on the areas in your home that really need the most attention. The notorious and dreaded spring cleaning has an upside: it’s a project that will allow you to feel good about getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need, especially when you are looking to sell or simply de-clutter.

You can sell your unwanted items on Kijiji. This popular online advertising service has come up with a way to help you de-clutter while at the same time make a profit for your efforts! Another way to rid yourself of unwanted belongings and feel good about it at the same time is to donate unwanted clothing items, old toys and accessories. Take the extra step to help a foundation or donation and make a difference in your community. This time of year is also famous for hosting yard sales! If you like to get hands on, set up your very own street sale and invite your neighbours to participate to increase traffic in the community on the day of the sale. Some tips for hosting a successful yard sale are below:

  • Make sure you advertise! Have the kids create posters they can place around town. Don’t forget, less is more, so avoid the glitter and drawings and make sure the information is bold, clear, and short.
  • Have a plan: Not everyone is crazy about sifting through your used goods for the perfect find. Place hot ticket items at the front to draw people in and make them want to explore the sale further.
  • Name a Price: Make sure that all items are clearly marked with a price so your visitors can decide whether or not they would like to purchase it based on the price. If you have a bunch of small items, you can also create a table where all items are priced under a certain amount to encourage people to buy in multiples. People love a good bargain!

Armed with a plan and enthusiasm, you’re spring cleaning efforts will pay off in no time!

Listing Your Home in Spring is a Good Choice

On average, over the past five years in the Greater Toronto Area, selling your home in May could net you $60,000 more than if you were to sell in January. Last year’s Spring Market Report trends prove that there was a significant price increase and high demand in the GTA during the first quarter of 2017. Supply increased in the last few weeks of March, as more Sellers chose to list their homes.

We all know that timing can be everything, and choosing when to buy or sell a home could save you tens of thousands of dollars. While there tends to be more inventory for Buyers to choose from, there’s usually more competition which benefits Sellers.

Aside from the nice weather, a home tends to show better in spring and summer. Almost all houses look better in the late spring and summer when flowers start to bloom and the grass turns green again, so if curb appeal is a concern for you, this may be something to consider. More Buyers are also ready to buy as they might be looking to use their tax refunds as a down payment and with tax refund cheques in the bank, spring buyers pay full price more often. The advantage for Sellers with kids is that moving in the summer means schooling isn’t interrupted.
Overall, it’s a win-win.

Toronto’s Tree Campaign

Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation has been helping Toronto transform its parks and green spaces since 2002. They work with the City of Toronto, community groups, neighbourhoods and individuals to better the community and reimagine your local parks.

Every Tree Counts is a program in Toronto to grow our tree canopy to 40%. For all you tree lovers, this is the perfect chance to fill in that empty space on your lawn! By simply calling or messaging the City of Toronto, you can request to have a tree planted in front of your lawn or business. The Foundation’s website ( elaborates on the benefits of this initiative: “Making Trees Count funding aims to encourage innovative partnerships and support projects and collaborations that improve the quality of life for all of Toronto’s residents”.

Key objectives are to increase the number of native trees and shrubs planted on private land, to support tree care activities and to support communities including neighbourhoods with less trees. The program also strives to build community capacity, knowledge sharing, partnerships and networks while facilitating community driven, locally owned tree upkeeping efforts.

A representative will come to your property to examine exactly where your tree should be planted. They will determine which species of tree is best suited for your area depending on the sunlight and soil. Toronto is presently at 19.5% and is continuing to run this program to encourage communities and neighbourhoods to get involved and take the initiative to become a part of the Making Trees Count campaign.

For those who want to be further involved, they can also apply for a grant through the city’s Every Tree Counts initiative which funds tree giveaways and community events while providing an excellent opportunity to be hands-on in helping the community