Winter Home Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

home maintenance tips

For at least a year, 32% of people in a recent study have put off finishing a big home project. 

There are plenty of things we’ve been meaning to do but haven’t. Many of us have been spending months thinking about repainting the bathroom but haven’t even looked at paint swatches. We also don’t have any clue about home maintenance tips to help us. 

Starting on your home’s improvement journey is overwhelming, but you’ll be glad you quit putting it off. Get to work quickly to make sure your home is ready for the approaching cold months. 

If you aren’t sure where to get started, keep reading below for our home maintenance tips. They’ll come in handy as you work. 

Stop Drafts

Have you ever had that moment sitting in your home while everything looks cozy, but you still feel that chilly breeze making its way inside? You probably have a draft you need to take care of.

You can protect yourself from cold drafts by weather-stripping and caulking your doors and windows. Many people also place insulating film on their windows to keep the cold away. 

Not only will you feel better sitting in your home once you stop the drafts, but you’ll also be saving money. It takes a lot of cash to keep the heat running high. 

Insulate Your Pipes

Water expands once it freezes. This water expansion, if in the pipes of your home, can cause your pipes to burst. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re metal or plastic. Pipe insulation should be at the top of your home maintenance checklist so take action now. 

Purchase some heat tape to wrap them with, or you could even place pipe sleeves over them. Keep an eye out for any pipes that are exposed to the outdoors. You’ll want to cover those. 

Create a Warm Storage Area for Important Outdoor Tools

Many homeowners tend to leave shovels and rakes out in their gardens and backyards. You’ll regret doing that once everything starts to freeze over. 

Invest in a shed for your backyard or designate a section of your garage for tool storage. This is especially important for shovels that you might need to clear some snow out of your yard. 

It’s best to do a yard scan once it starts getting cold outside. Even though picking up tools is important, you’ll also want to go ahead and grab any toys or extra bags of soil you have sitting around. 

Once things start warming back up, you’re ready to start prepping your backyard for spring and summer. 

Replace Your Air Filters

Because you’ll be heating up your home so much during the winter, give your HVAC a bit of a break by changing out the air filters. This will make its job easier. 

It’s also a good idea to get a professional out to your home to inspect your HVAC system. Just like you ask people to run diagnostic tests on your car, you want to check out the inner workings of your home. 

Address problems now before winter hits. 

Peek at Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The fresh air that flows through your home in the warm months helps keep the carbon monoxide levels low. However, in the winter, we do our best to hide from outside drafts. 

Add checking your carbon monoxide detectors to your home maintenance checklist. While you’re at it, guarantee your smoke detectors are also working properly. 

Too much CO can cause headaches, dizziness, and an upset stomach. Keep you and your family safe by checking the detectors. 

Trim Low Limbs

One of the best winter home maintenance tips to keep in mind is remembering to trim low-hanging limbs above your home. Once it becomes cold and the snow starts falling, tree limbs will die and break off. Falling limbs cause roof damage.

If you’re able to safely inspect your roof, take a look to make sure no shingles are missing. It’s also smart to go ahead and clear your gutters and sweep off any debris already on the roof. 

Want to take it an extra step? Check out the insulation in your attic while you have your ladder out. Attic insulation will keep you warm. 

Stock up on Emergency Supplies

No one wants to venture out into the snow to grab emergency supplies. Emergency supplies include nonperishable food items, flashlights, candles, batteries, lighters, and a generator. 

As you continue with your home maintenance, take time one day to install shelving designated for holding your emergency supplies. Keep them in a warm, safe area. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Quick Home Improvements to Do While Stuck Inside

Once you’ve completed your home maintenance checklist and are stuck inside for the winter, you’ll probably start looking for projects to complete in your home. We’re here to give you a few quick ideas. 

Do you have any scratched old furniture? Grab some paint or wood stain to give it a makeover. 

Is your home seeming a bit dull? Check out new paint ideas for your home, and purchase new home decor. There are plenty of DIY home decor projects you can do to pass the time. 

Pick up a new hobby to freshen up the home. Many people knit their own blankets and rugs for a homemade feel. 

If you’re on a tight budget, doing simple things such as buying fresh flowers or adding succulents to a room can make a world of difference. 

Winter Preparation: Home Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Above is a quick list of home maintenance tips you need to know to prepare your family and home for winter. Get started now before it’s too late. 

Make sure there are no low-hanging limbs above your roof. Check out your HVAC system, and replace the air filters. You’ll also want to put away your garden tools and stock up on emergency supplies. 

For more home tips, check out the rest of our site. You can also contact us for a free home market evaluation.