Let Us Help With Your Spring Cleaning

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house, which should be motivation enough to tackle a deep clean during this upcoming spring season. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the stuff you can live without. While it’s true that taking on an entire home can make you feel like an ant about to climb a mountain, breaking it down room by room can ease the burden.

Start by making a checklist of all the essential tasks you need to do for each room in the house. Go through your checklist and check off everything you’ve done so far. It’s such a satisfying feeling when you start checking items off your list and it gives you just the motivation you need to go on. Now, no one said you have to get everything done in one weekend; if you give yourself five tasks per weekend, you can easily complete your list before spring ends. Go at your own pace and make sure you focus on the areas in your home that really need the most attention. The notorious and dreaded spring cleaning has an upside: it’s a project that will allow you to feel good about getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need, especially when you are looking to sell or simply de-clutter.

You can sell your unwanted items on Kijiji. This popular online advertising service has come up with a way to help you de-clutter while at the same time make a profit for your efforts! Another way to rid yourself of unwanted belongings and feel good about it at the same time is to donate unwanted clothing items, old toys and accessories. Take the extra step to help a foundation or donation and make a difference in your community. This time of year is also famous for hosting yard sales! If you like to get hands on, set up your very own street sale and invite your neighbours to participate to increase traffic in the community on the day of the sale. Some tips for hosting a successful yard sale are below:

  • Make sure you advertise! Have the kids create posters they can place around town. Don’t forget, less is more, so avoid the glitter and drawings and make sure the information is bold, clear, and short.
  • Have a plan: Not everyone is crazy about sifting through your used goods for the perfect find. Place hot ticket items at the front to draw people in and make them want to explore the sale further.
  • Name a Price: Make sure that all items are clearly marked with a price so your visitors can decide whether or not they would like to purchase it based on the price. If you have a bunch of small items, you can also create a table where all items are priced under a certain amount to encourage people to buy in multiples. People love a good bargain!

Armed with a plan and enthusiasm, you’re spring cleaning efforts will pay off in no time!